Getting Closer by Anne Gifford from Spke the Dhog

Getting Closer
Spike Arrives by Anne Gifford

Spike Arrives
Spike Barncats by Anne Gifford

Spike with the Barncats
Spike Gets Stuck in a Prairie Dog Hole by Anne Gifford

Spike Gets Stuck in a Prairie Dog Hole
Spike Meets a Magpie by Anne Gifford

Spike Meets a Magpie

Spike the Dhog
A childrens' book

“For ages 1 – 8 years”

Meet Spike the Dhog, an endearing creature who seems to be part pig, a little bit of hedgehog, and a whole lot

of dog. Spike arrives on earth from points unknown. Follow Spike as he searches among birds, fish, turtles,

prairie dogs, barn cats and pigs on his quest to find a home where he will be accepted for who he is.

Co-authored with my mother, Priscilla Gifford, this light-hearted story will carry readers on a journey that is both adventurous

and difficult.  With his expressive, pink eyes and spiky hedgehog hair, Spike is such an endearing character we can't help

cheering when he finally finds a loving home.  The story is filled with pictures that children will pore over again and again. 

It celebrates diversity and acceptance while never losing a sense of sheer joy and fun.

Mom and me for Spike

Anne and her mom
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Spike the Dhog by Anne Gifford